Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Weddings of Grace features Urban Botanic

I'm so excited about the new online magazine Weddings of Grace (! I had written to Cornelia Powell a few months back and told her about UB and the concept and the incredible way that women can create their own "wedding day scent" and she loved it! She told me that in January she would be updating her online magazine and would include UB in the "Cornelia Recommends" section. Sure enough it's there (see the link below on Bloggers Featuring the Bee). Her magazine is major eye candy and I'm so excited right now I could scream!

Anyway I've been working with Kelsey lately on the "wedding" focus and also Irene as Vegas is obviously beyond a huge market for weddings. LOL. So hopefully this will inspire all of you to continue planting seeds and working with bloggers and online sites to continue to spread the UB concept to everyone!

It must be wedding day because I just received a call from the Seattle Wedding Expo who has me on the waiting list for 2008 but wants to talk to me about advertising on their site. I'll check it out but not sure if the cost will be prohibitive with everything else we have going now. February continues to be busy! Next week will be awesome with 3 shows (Oregon, West Virginia, and WA).

Love is in the air!

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