Thursday, January 11, 2007

Daily Candy Ad hits the presses

I'm so excited to show you the Daily Candy Ad that went out for my personal site today. It was a bit pricey as this is a one day ad but I'm extremely excited to see the kind of results I get and am really hoping for a huge ROI, which of course aren't we all!? Here is the link to the sweet smell of success...

This ad is for Seattle-ites so hopefully it will help to up my personal volume and also those of my local teammates. Right now I have 4 parties for January and would love to add in a few more. Nothing like getting done early with a goal like Team Elite! Didn't think about trying to be 1st on that one as well!? Hmmm - note to self LOL. As soon as I start to focus in an area it's like magnetism. I was so worried about having enough parties and all that jazz and now they are starting to pop up everywhere so that's a nice surprise (ok not really a surprise if you're following the law of attraction in The Secret (!

On a different note, I had a great chat with my teammate Anne in Colorado last night. She was wanting to touch base on finding her own scent and also just preparing for her party on the 21st for some mixing 101 Shawna style! This of course means that "I" who have no natural scent making capability but am still miraculous to help others in creating their own, was giving advice on finding her personal scent and the fact that sometimes there are mediating scents that can really improve your creation. Here are a few scents that save my butt all the time:

  • Juniper - This scent is what my mother has labeled "Mr. Clean." It seems if something is too floral (on the sweeter side) or seems a bit muddy, Juniper can come to the rescue many a time. Almost everyone loves Juniper so it's a sure thing.
  • White Musk - This scent helps to turbo boost other scents and is stronger than Egyptian Musk so you can use "less" of it to moderate a scent. It's also a personal favorite of mine and is a woodsy favorite that mixes well with almost anything.
  • Sandalwood - Another woodsy that is awesome with fruitys, florals, and leafys. It tones down "too sweet" really well and those that love a fruity scent but think it's too strong seem to become good friends with this base note.
  • Lily - Another surprise scent I find with other florals - Lily is super clean and light and just yummy overall. For a super light and clean scent for those that just can't seem to find what they're looking for try Lily, Egyptian Musk, and Juniper. Very nice!
  • Brown Sugar - Try this with Fig and any other spicy and it's a total hit. Add it to a fruity and watch what it does! Something fun, deeper, and gives your scent an edible flair.

That edible comment brings me back to the "daily candy" post - hopefully I'll be feasting on some great new prospects in the week to come. ;)

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