Monday, January 22, 2007

Perfect end to the weekend...

Well today was my last party for the weekend and it was the perfect and exciting end to my extravaganza! We had hoped to have about 12 people today but ended up with 6 and the other 6 plan to come to another party in the future so it was great because we ended up with a 100% party which is only the 2nd or 3rd time it's happened to me so very exciting with this # of people. (Meaning we sold the party special to every single person in attendance.) It was in a 1st in one area though. I have to admit I've never been very great at pushing the My Scents kits and I know they are a huge value but I've honestly never sold one... until today! And I sold the DOOZY! The $99.95 kit to a customer that had been to a party before and was really enjoying creating the scents. It was a total shock because I mentioned the My Scents at the previous party and thank goodness I had because "she" asked me about it today and said, let's go ahead and do the 9 scent kit. Ummmm - Ok sure! So I took down the scents she wanted and will order it from Corp tomorrow ;)

Very fun day and to top it off this was a super special day because we have 2 recruits coming on board to The Hive. Kelsey Foster was there to train as she's been planning to join at the end of the month, but she's actually coming on tomorrow since Kris who is also signing up lives near Kelsey and I'll have her finish training her and help her out with parties so now we have the "north" of WA covered! So Kelsey will join us with a recruit the day she joins! She's psyched and so am I because these ladies are awesome. Kris has so many contacts it's unreal. She told me today that this is just the 2nd list of 9 lists she has of friends and contacts to invite to her parties! Absolutely unreal. She'll be earning profit in her own home for awhile and then booking parties from them as well for new places to go.

Kelsey took a bunch of pics today so I'll be sure to add them to this blog as soon as I get them from here. It was a great day and a $400 party so I'm pretty psyched!!!! Loving to grow the team locally as well. Looking forward to hear from the rest of the team on their parties. I know everyone is working hard to make Team Elite (or whatever we'll be calling it ;)

Happy Monday!

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Kelsey said...

Hooray! I had such a great time on Sunday and I'm just rarin' to go now! :)