Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Calendar Check!

The Success Factory had a great tip today. We should do this at the end of every month actually!

"Today's assignment is “Calendar Check”. At this point in the month the bulk of your sales for January should be submitted. Close up any parties that are still open to avoid the last minute rush of end of the month deadlines. How are your next 6 weeks shaping up? Look at the goals that you set for January. How did your month end up vs. what you anticipated? If you met or exceeded your goals, good for you; congratulations are in order. If you came up a bit short, how many parties or recruits will you need to add to your February goal to make up for the deficit? This is the time of year that weather can potentially throw a curve ball into even the best made plans, so overbook your calendar by 1-2 events with that in mind. Pick up the phone; then, when you've booked those extra parties, reward yourself with a trip to Starbucks or 30 minutes with your favorite book!"

Managing your calendar as we've learned in Build it Big and from Karen Phelps is KEY to your sanity! Don't forget to set days you'll work and days you won't and stick to them!

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