Sunday, January 14, 2007

Emie's Big Debut

I was so happy to receive Emie's phone call today (Oregon)! She had attended her first flea market sharing the UB crusade with lots of passerbyers and showing them her own scent creation (a delightful mix of Egyptian Musk, Lavender, and Chamomile). A women was so impressed with the scent she told Emie to please make her up a bottle of lotion right there and she bought it on the spot. It was a great confidence builder for Emie who I know had been concerned about her own scent making abilities.

I told her about my keep it simple remedy and really getting GOOD with 3 scent combinations and then getting fancier after mastering it. She gave out around 100 business cards today which she had fondly sprayed with her new signature fragrance. She made me laugh so hard when she told me she would watch the women walk away and rub her card on their neck. Obviously this spraying the business card works better than even I had imagined!!

Emie and I will be doing a joint flea market the weekend of Jan 27/28 in Eugene. I'm excited to meet her and to help her really get jamming in OR. I know she'll get some great party leads from the market and also that the more she gets the word out the better confidence she exudes about the company.

One woman demanded that she call her friend who owns a retail shop immediately and talk to her about this fun concept. Might be a great way to help get Emie to Team Elite overnight!
Obviously the city of Eugene has no idea what hit them and I'm really a proud mama bee today after hearing about her success. I know she's going to be incredible because she's more worried about serving others than herself. She told me that after she gets her 3 recruits for team elite she'd like to help other members of the hive to get theirs. With that type of determination there won't be any stopping Miss Emie!

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