Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Some fun new scent combinations...

Looking at the Ladies Who Launch - Launch Pad Listings I came across the following site...


This site sells perfume oils and lotions with the oils being $42.00 a bottle (that's for 1/8 oz.)! A little pricey but what I did take from this was some great ways to mix up a batch of yummy scents from her descriptions. Check these out!

Luv ~ An intoxicating, ultimately feminine scent of rare pink gardenia, lush Hawaiian white flowers, and a hint of creamy vanilla with a delicate whisper of white musk.

For UB purposes use gardenia, hawaiian rain, white musk, and vanilla!

Soul ~ Sweet tropical notes that will evoke a memory for your soul. Juicy papaya, luscious pineapple, and creamy coconut with undertones of clean musk.

For UB purposes try pina colada, extra coconut, and white or egyptian musk!

Truth ~ A refreshing, clean citrus... think tangy lemon-lime... softened by an exotic floral and an airy, sheer musk.

For UB purposes maybe Verbena with Gardenia or Freesia and White Musk? Hmmm maybe?

Another fun thing today was my reply from The Makeup Girl blogger who received her product and loved it. She will be blogging shortly and I will add the link to Blogs about Me below.

My website had 2 sign up nows today so that was pretty exciting! I made sure to respond to those and cross it off my "things to do." Those prospects are like winning the lottery!

On the UB book club chat last night (every Monday 7pm PST on cwahm.com) I remembered something that was a great way to network 1:1. If you put 10 pennies in your right pocket (or left if you're left handed) and practice talking to people about the business or doing a party, if they say NO, you get to move a penny to the opposite pocket. Once you have moved all your pennies you are done for the day!

I think starting out with 5 pennies is great and goes with my 5 contacts a day mantra. I'm going to experiment with that in the next week or 2 and let you know my "daily" experience LOL. The best part is (from past experience) that the more you talk to people the better you get and the fewer no's you have. Eventually it will be impossible to move all 5 pennies. ;)

**** Add on @ 6:36 pm - I just didn't have time to get the contacts done face to face I wanted to today, so guess what I did? Yah - you might think it's crazy, but I just may have the last laugh! I pulled up to the Burger King cashier to pay for Dallon's kids meal and saw 5 girls (over 16 all of them) working there. I handed them 5 business cards and said something like this... "We've just launched this new company in WA and you can check out the website on this card and if you'd like what you see I'll offer 20% off." You would have think they won the jackpot! It was hilarious! Anyway - I technically got my 5 in and who knows? I may be the next Miss Auburn!

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