Thursday, February 1, 2007

5 Super Tips to Building a Successful Team for Urban Botanic

I thought this info was really great as many of you build towards "Team Scentsational!" One of the questions that teammates have asked me if how they actually begin to build their own team but still feel part of The Hive? This is actually EASY. Irene on our team came up with her new name Diva Bee and Kris is Ebony Bee. You can actually just take a tangent off on the Bee Theme and become the "worker bees" or the "anti-drones" or whatever you want that keeps the hierarchy buzzing but allows you to become your own unique version. I will continue to have ANYONE that is in The Hive hierarchy receiving emails and training from me personally to help them grow. One way you can key off of that is to have specific contests or goals within your own teams to follow up on those trainings and take them to the next level! Keep up the great work :)

While you always want to put your customers first, don't forget about your silent income - your team members! A good team member usually won't take up too much of your time. Aside from a few question here and there, the hardest working downline members are busy working their business and training themselves. However, it's important to remember this - even if they don't ask for your help, they may need it. Make sure you are paying attention to all of your team, not just the ones contacting you. Here are a few things you can do to help keep motivation up, and let your downline know you are behind them 100%:

1. Team newsletters

Do you have information or tips to give? Organize them in a simple newsletter. This can be monthly, weekly, or random. Just be sure you have a list they join when they sign up under you. Follow all spam laws on this one!

2. Team incentives

Hold a monthly contest for the most sales, or something similar. This helps boost your own income, while getting your team motivated at the same time. If your company holds a contest, sweeten the deal and offer something extra if someone from your team wins.

3. Give a personal touch

Don't forget about birthdays, holidays, and other special days. Keep good track of these important dates and include your downline members on your "card-giving" lists. The extra note will let them know they are important to you!

4. Team Blog

A great way to keep in contact with everyone. There is many different ways you could set this up to fit your needs. You can give all team members full access to make posts or you could have it set up so they can only leave comments, ask questions etc. You can keep your blog private so only yourself and your team members have access or you can keep this open to the public so everyone can read it.

5. Team Training

Part of your responsibilities as a direct selling leader is to train your team members on the specifics of building their direct selling business. One way you can do this is to hold face-to-face team meetings with local team members. Another way thanks to the wonderful world wide web, you can now hold meetings with team members from all over the world. No matter how you choose to do it, training is a necessary part of your role as a team leader.There are many other ways to help motivate and train your team, Just remember, they are working for you as hard as they are working for themselves!

-------------------Kara Kelso & Anita DeFrank, owners of strive to help women in direct sales.

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