Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Good Advice from Success Factory

Consultant Question to Success Factory:

This is a good space for all the people like me trying to grow the business. I have been in a company for four years but I really don't know what else to do. Sometimes I am afraid to call my customers; some other I don't know what do. I have been reading your comments for two or three months and I have learned a lot. What I am really looking is for new leaders on my team. Thanks for this space…Claudia

Dear Claudia -

Thank you for writing - we are happy to hear that you are enjoying our tips.
I'm going to do my best to “read between the lines” of your question and answer as best as I can.

It sounds like you are frustrated because your business isn't growing as rapidly as you'd like it to be and that in part this might be due to some non-consistency in your work habits.
Sometimes when consultants are afraid to call their customers it is because they think they are being PUSHY…(that terrible P word). The best way to get over that fear is to FAYC (Forget About Yourself Completely). You obviously love your company and the product or you would not still be working your business for four years.

Take a moment to think about what excites you about what it is you offer. Most likely you have some new products or promotions that you can talk to your customers about. Ask yourself how they (THE CUSTOMER) will benefit from these new offerings. Once you determine that, in your mind, it will make the phone easier to pick up. It's about THEM not YOU. Also try to remember that you are SORTING not CONVINCING.

It may or may not be a good time for them to buy or join and that is OK. It is your job to get permission to phone them again. Try saying something like - “Would you like to hear from me again when we are offering other new products? And if so, may I call you again (next month or in the summer - whatever you decide between the two of you)…put the customer in your calling tickler and call her back then starting with “I promised I would call you this month when we talked last February…”

If the customer would NOT like to hear from you - this is a GOOD THING. I always thank a customer for their honesty because I don't want to waste their time or mine! And I always encourage them to call me again should they ever need my services in the future. It is wonderfully freeing because then I stop beating myself up for not calling this person - does that make sense?

If you are looking for new leaders on your team, then you probably need a shot of new consultants. Put your focus on recruiting for the next six months. New leaders most often come from new enthusiastic team members. Think about running some recruiting promotions within your already existing team as well. You never know where your next leader will come from - someone YOU recruit or someone your TEAM recruits. Some of my strongest team leaders are people I'd never met until they joined under someone else on my team.

I hope you will consider ordering our CD set. Listening to these as you are driving in your car is a great way to help you stay motivated and focused on your business. Always remember that your car is a rolling classroom!

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