Monday, March 12, 2007

"Hive Talkin" Highlights

What a fun call we had tonite! Thanks to the following Hive Members for joining:

Kelsey Foster - WA

Angie Davis - WV

Denise Eloundou - MN

Mary Ann Hansen - TX

Karen McGaugh - OK

Lauri Hetzer - OH

Cat Javier-Wong - VA

Irene Macias - NV

I can't wait until the day we're like Karen Phelps with over 300 people hitting her lines to get on the call. That will be the day!

We unveiled the new call name "Hive Talkin" with a small snippit from the BeeGees song "Hive Talkin." That will be our theme song for the call from now on. I think everyone had a good time with that and Kelsey was our winner in coming up with the call's name. Her reward? A 30 day ad on to continue adding to her incredible team!

Kelsey also will be enjoying her new Burberry Purse Set (pic above) as she hands out her business cards in spring pink plaid. This reward comes from being the most successful recruiter in The Hive for Jan/Feb. CONGRATS!

We had a great presentation on getting the most out of your business card by Angie Davis. Please see Team Burst (files) for the low down on this incredible tool (I've posted her document there).

We also went through the Hive Point System (see Team Burst as well for this doc). Hive members will be allowed to earn their way to greatness through having parties, recruiting new members, and participating on calls and blogs! (See today's question at the bottom of this blog to earn your points now!)

By tomorrow night I will be sending out the "Boutique/Salon proposal document" that Irene Macias in Las Vegas has so kindly put together which every team member can utilize in putting together local partnerships and making it easy to bring on potential distributors!

To catch the rest of our fun convo please call into the replay at (641) 985-5009 Access Code: 805628#

Have an incredible week busy bees!

Question for the day: For those on the call, what was your best nugget of info? For everyone, what would you like to see covered on future calls?


Angie said...

I really needed to hear the "logistics" of using the party special in a gift bag with a larger party and how to handle the guests who have not taken the personality test before the party. I was relieved to find out that it was not disabling the step-by-step process if a guest had not taken the test!~Angie

Kelsey aka MamaSpice said...

I like hearing about how other Hive members are actively promoting their businesses - I am anxious to read Irene's business proposal to Hair Garage!

In the future I would love to hear the different types of booking games that people do at their parties (successes, lessons learned, etc.).

UB Queen Bee said...

Hi Ladies,

Awesome comments keep it up! Don't forget to track those points for our new system!