Sunday, March 11, 2007

Using Holidays as a Great Marketing Tactic in your Urban Botanic business

Great advice from Cheryl Thompson, Marketing Guru, and Mary Foley, Brand Expert for

Cheryl's birthday is July 4th.

Imagine - her Mom was on her way to a Fourth of July party with the potato salad and Cheryl decided to arrive in signature style. She's never celebrated with a birthday cake - it's always a watermelon. Cheryl's niece used to think that the entire country was celebrating her Aunt's birthday with fireworks and picnics. Only a niece can think her Aunt is that important!

Mary's birthday is February 17th. She was her Dad's birthday present when he turned 29 years old on February 18th, the very day after Mary was born. Ever since then they've celebrated their birthdays together.We know this is supposed to be a tip about branding and marketing. And it is. Because for every customer you have, they have a BIRTHDAY. And every birthday, is a marketing opportunity. Not to mention every Anniversary, Valentine's Day, and every other special event throughout the year.

You can even buy a book that lists all kinds of celebrations. It's called "CelebrateToday!: More Than 4,000 Holidays, Celebrations, Origins, and Anniversaries" by John Kremer. So, how can you use a personal celebration as a marketing opportunity? Well, first let's suggest what you DON'T DO.

Don't do what so many silly insurance companies have done. They send Cheryl a card on her birthday that she knows they have never signed, or even looked at because it was sent by the big direct mail company somewhere in the sky. Bigwoo. Do something personal. Do something that speaks to your brand. One of our clients, Claudia,, specializes in Brazilian bikini waxes (ooh la la!). Wouldn't a daring red thong in a beautiful box be simply perfect as a birthday surprise? Claudia's clients aren't wearing the big, white Grandma panties. She could even import these straight from Brazil making the gift even more authentic. Plus, she could include a special birthday offer of half-price on their next waxing.

An easy idea just about any business can do is send a Happy Birthday gift certificate for your store or service, to encourage them to come to your store or website during the week of their birthday. Make it a meaningful amount and give them specific suggestions on how they can use it. Plus, make sure the certificate has an expiration date. We suggest no more than 30 days. We all love celebrations and a very personal one, birthdays, is a wonderful way to connect with your existing customers and create a marketing opportunity that's appreciated.

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Kelsey aka MamaSpice said...

Being a holiday birthday, I can so relate to this! My b-day is St. Patrick's Day so I think next year I may host my own Irish-themed UB-holiday party or promotion! ;)

My dad's b-day is Christmas so this holiday thing is big in my family!