Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ode to a 1st Urban Botanic Party...

I was so inspired after receiving this email and picture today from one of our newest members I had to share! Thanks Aimee for letting me indulge this on my blog!!!

In Aimee's words:

"Hi, ladies! My first party is over now. I am exhausted. I think it went pretty well. It was only my friend Kirsten, the hostess, and our friend Jen.

We spent FOUR hours playing with the scents, and had to wash the glasses(all twelve glasses) twice. :) They both bought the party special, and Jen also purchased a 6 oil MyScents kit! Score! I am really glad that this is the way my first party went--it was very very relaxed, gave me a good idea of how long it will take me to set up future parties, and I got a TON of practice with helping to get a really good final fragrance.

I made a suggestion for Kirsten to add some cucumber even though she wasn't crazy about it on its own to temper the fragrance she had going, and then she kept smelling her perfume and talking about how much she was in love with it!

Jen had a moment where she looked at me and said, I just want to warn you, I am going to spend a bunch of money. Like that would be a problem for me? :) All totalled, the party was just over $150, which I feel good about since it was only two people. I am feeling very good about this business right now. Go me! Yay!

Thanks for all the continual support and encouragement (clearly it is working),


Aimee has set the record for the company for being the 1st consultant to sell a My Scents kit on their first party so WAY TO GO! I definitely think that's also a record for a 2 person party in sales! We're all very impressed and your table set up (pictured above) was absolutely gorgeous. You and Kelsey are 2 peas in a pod on organization and presentation! I've taken notes on that one for sure!!!



Angie said...

Aimee, your table is beautiful!! Very inspiring!~Angie

Aimee said...

Thanks! I am feeling very good about this! Shawna, thanks for featuring my party and all the very kind remarks!

I CANNOT wait to have another party, and usually I am very shy around people and not great at selling things, but maybe I am proving myself wrong about that!

Oh, and here is a little info that I shared with Kelsey about my "placemats"--I designed them in Illustrator, printed them, mounted them on black cardstock, and laminated them with my Xyron. The Xyron is one of the most useful things I own; I love it! The lamination is so nice as they just wipe clean. If anyone would like me to make them some, let me know and we can work something out. :) Doing UB stuff never feels like work, at least not yet!

Kelsey aka MamaSpice said...

Big props to my girl in Cali!

I'm so proud of you - you are off to a great start!!

xoxo - Kelsey