Thursday, March 29, 2007

Approaching Store Owners on Urban Botanic

This last weekend was really fun. We had the opportunity to do an event at Inside Out ( and get to know the town of Snohomish, WA a bit. With all its history and character there are a lot of boutiques and day spas that would be perfect to partner with. (See below for how they put it on their site)

When passing through to find "our" boutique I went by a store called "Queen Bee." Obviously I HAD to go in and see what they had to offer so Kelsey and I walked down the street and to our surprise found it was closed. Next door to it was a cute boutique called Blooming Hearts. We decided since we'd walked this far we might as well go in.

Call it the "Law of Attraction" or just knowing how to present an opportunity we ended up talking to the store owners and they were very interested in what we had to offer and also in having an after hours party and perhaps a "Blooming Hearts" signature scent.

One thing that I've become fairly good at over years of practice is getting people to ask me questions. I found a darling blingy box that actually says Tomato Leaf on the front of it and is all sparklely. I knew that would be super cute at a Trade Show for an "Herby" Display and since it was only $3 I decided to pick it up. While we were cashing out I threw out this fishing line...

"This Tomato Leaf box is going to be perfect for my display!"

Can you guess what the store owner asked next? "What type of display are you doing? What is it you do? BAM! They're nailed LOL. They've actually given me permission to pitch them and I don't seem desperate or needy at all. I'm just explaining to them what it is we do, how everyone loves it, how we've just done an event at another Snohomish boutique and would love to let them "in" the family!

Kelsey was laughing when we left. "How do you do that?" she asked me. Honestly it's a closing technique I learned from Tom Hopkins back at event I attended with him. (He's a great salesman if you haven't heard of him)

Always get people to ask or answer a question. Make sure you get them to agree with you. One thing I always say to potential store owners is, "You've definitely heard of celebrities creating their own signature fragrances haven't you? (YES) Well we've cornered the market on "everyone" being able to have that same experience and you could be the salon/boutique/spa that brings this experience to ___________." (insert your city here)

I always be sure to compliment them and ASSUME (this is the good time to do that LOL) that they definitely want to be cutting edge and on top of this opportunity! People love to be recognized and feel in the know. You have the chance to bring something fresh, hip and fun that sets them apart from their competition. Take advantage of our brand while its still so new!

I am happy to roll play with any of you that have this type of opportunity and have a case of nerves. I'll be the shop keeper and see if you can get me to ask you questions and/or find a way to present the business to me without it feeling un-natural.

For those in The Hive who have had success with this (I know there are quite a few of you), please be sure to comment below and let us know how you seal the deal!
Also see Kelsey's blog today on her overcoming her fear!


Kelsey aka MamaSpice said...

I totally agree that the angle is to let them "be in the know". It is a really powerful motivator and an ego-stroke that you are letting them in on a new, hip thing!

Angie said...

I'm hoping to embark on this soon. My nephew who has managed a very "uppity" salon (served wine while waiting) encouraged me to walk in like I own the place. With that, like you say Shawna assume that they will be interested and offer something that will make them more "hip". UB is the coolest--and I get to be "cool" by association!

Karlene said...

Oh, that is great Shawna. Really, a tomato leaf box?

I've done something similar. When I went to the bank to get a lot of change, I said, "Is this the right mix of change for an event?" She said, "Yes, what are you doing? A yard sale?" Perfect opportunity! I didn't have my business cards yet, but she asked me to be sure to give her one when I got them. Unfortunately, I've never seen her at the bank since then.

P.S. That's the reason I always go inside the bank to do business and not use the drive-up. It gives me a chance to network--and also lets me get close enough for the teller to smell me. :)

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