Sunday, March 4, 2007

A different way of looking at NO

Print out a Sheet with 100 No's. Each time someone tells you NO, cross out one of the NO's. Set yourself a goal of getting all 100 No's crossed out within the next 30 days. (No Kidding)

If you want to see your business explode with growth, take this little exercise seriously. Here's a hint that will make this easier. Triple up. Ask someone to:

1. Become a representative ... If they say NO, cross a NO off and ask them to

2. Become a Customer ... If they say NO, cross a second NO off and ask

3. Give a Customer referral ... If they say NO again, you've already got 3 NO's!

You'll never be better at getting NO's than you are right now. The more you do this, the tougher it becomes to get those 100 NO'S. You'll find that a YES will creep in there every once in a while. Don't let the occasional YES distract you from your primary goal of getting those 100 no's.

Imagine the look on your neighbor's face when she tells you NO and you respond, "Gee thanks. I've only got a few NO's to go and I'm finished for this month. I was afraid you were going to say YES there for a minute."

Don't take this exercise lightly ... it works! Get those NO's now while it is still easy for you to do so. Don't wait till it becomes difficult for people to tell you NO! That time will come soon enough.

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