Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hive Member Spotlight - Angie Davis - West Virginia

As I mentioned in an email to the group, Wednesdays are going to become Hive Member Spot Light Days! This will allow us to get to know people on our team better and relate with those that can help us achieve our personal goals!

This week's spotlight is on Angie Davis our Hive Member in West Virginia!

I am married to my soulmate, VJ, and we have two gorgeous kids, Luke (5) and Cassidy (will be 3 on Easter). We live in Fairmont, WV. My birthday is Sep 24, never mind the year. I’m very, very busy right now with several “projects” at once. I babysit 3 days per week, I work at a toy store 1 day a week (and get to take my kids to work with me), and I volunteered for a major project involving a prison ministry that is demanding a lot of my time. I promised God that I would do His work and let Him bless my UB biz! I also have Noah’s Ark on the side too, I wanted to quit, but then I got a few calls and my husband will not let me turn them down.

When I saw UB for the first time on I was interested because Cheryl the moderator of wahm was involved and I figured she knew a good thing when she saw it being so involved with wahm. Then, when I saw what it was, it was love at first sight! I raised the money on Ebay to buy my kit and the love I have for UB is growing steadily!!

My friends and family are not very supportive. It’s because I’ve tried so many businesses previously and had a couple “train wrecks”. My husband has not been onboard and has jabbed negative statements in frequently. However, we have had a recent breakthrough! We watched the movie, Facing the Giants, this week and I related the movie to how I viewed my UB biz and he admitted to being negative and said that he would start praying for my biz instead! Now the in-laws I will just have to ignore!

I am definitely a business builder! I am a free spirit who wants flexibility of a home biz! On the one hand, I get to be with my kids and on the other, I get to be ME and achieve goals which is great for building self-confidence! I think women have a tendency to accept their circumstances and they also forget that they aren’t just someone’s mom or someone’s wife, etc.

What is one personality trait you have that you think will help you be successful at UB?

Hmm…I think honesty. Honesty as in being real. I think that people respond to someone who doesn’t put on an act, but is truly real about the product and opportunity. I will tell the good and bad—not that I have any “bad” for UB.

If you could be any superhero who would you be and why?

Well, Wonder Woman HAS ALWAYS been my favorite superhero--I use to fight every week with my sister over watching it (she didn't want to) back when homes only had one TV. I really don't know if I care so much about her powers as much as I would like looking like her WHILE I fight crime! I need to be much taller (I'm 5'2") and now I also need to be much skinnier to fit in the suit.
An embarrassing moment happened when I was wearing that costume. It was a snowy Halloween and I had to wear a long coat. When I got home with my roommate and her boyfriend, I stood over the heating vent and opened my coat while talking to them--not realizing that my boobs had fallen out. My roommate actually lunged toward me to shield her boyfriend from seeing the sight.
Fun question from Shawna:

If you were on a deserted island what 5 items would you bring?
My family (I'll count them as one "thing" since it's my questionnaire), my Bible, fresh water, a fully furnished tree home, and a Target store.

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Kelsey aka MamaSpice said...

LOVE it! You weren't kidding when you said we'd see a whole new side to you, Angie!!

I am a Wonder Woman fan, too. What I wouldn't pay to have a "Lasso of Truth". And an invisible airplane (except why she wasn't invisible, too, I don't quite understand...)