Thursday, March 15, 2007

Time on your hands…

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Look at your day. How do you spend it? What ruts have you gotten yourself into that you could easily break yourself out of? What poor habits are eating valuable minutes of your life every day?

What impact can a few minutes make? Take a look at this. What if you were able to save…
Five minutes by streamlining your morning routine (taking less time to dress, shave, put on makeup, drink coffee, read the paper, and so on)?

Ten minutes by eliminating the things you do each morning to stall starting your work or school day?

Five minutes by avoiding idle talkers or other distractions?

Ten minutes by taking a shorter lunch or break time?

Those minutes don't seem like much. But if you did those things every day, five days a week, for fifty weeks, you would gain an additional 125 hours of time every year. (That's the thing you want!)

And if you're a television watcher, you can double the time you gain each year if you simply watch thirty fewer minutes of television every day.

1 comment:

Kelsey aka MamaSpice said...

That's pretty amazing to consider. I can count up several things I can easily cut out to earn more focused time in my life (hello, MySpace! haha).

It's kind of along the same lines financially if you cut out a latte a day what you'd end up saving over the course of a year.

Good stuff, Shawna! :)