Friday, March 9, 2007

Keeping it Real at your Urban Botanic Parties

Subject: Keeping it real

Here are a couple of quick thoughts to consider when doing your parties.
No matter what product line you represent, chances are good that you LOVE what you sell. Given that it would be easy for us to ramble on and on F-O-R-E-V-E-R about what products we love. Did you know…most people would really like to sit and listen to you for just about 30 minutes and then you lose them? So….what happens when we ramble?

a) People get bored and fidgety and are LESS LIKELY to book a party with you if they are afraid they'd have to submit their friends to the same LONG presentation.

b) THE JOB LOOKS TOO HARD to someone considering the business…
Simple and duplicatible. That's the key to success in this business! The biggest fear most people have is standing in front of a group of people and talking. If you are talking too long, that's even MORE for them to fear if they are considering the business.

Here are some ideas for “keeping it real” and making your job look attractive to someone else.

Let your guests talk! If someone at the party already owns and loves some of your products, let her sell them to everyone else, friends will buy from friends more easily than a “salesperson”…(HELLO…recruit her later of course!)

Don't be too slick! It's OK to make mistakes. Don't memorize the item numbers of all your products. It's even OK to forget a product name or two. Can't you just hear them thinking… “if SHE can do this than certainly I can do a better job!” YES THEY CAN…there's method in our madness!
So tell me Hive Members! How do you "keep it real?"

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Kelsey aka MamaSpice said...

I keep it real by asking for help with the math part of batching scents (having them double check my math, etc.). I tell people that the math is seriously the hardest part of the job!

I figure that plants the seed that THEY could be a Fragrance Designer, too, because it's easy and fun!