Friday, March 16, 2007

What an incredible week!

March is actually becoming exhausting in a good way. This week has been a major milestone for a lot of hivers and I'm so excited to share some high points...

  • Lauri Hetzer landed herself a Radio Spot on the 25th of this month. BIG DEAL!
  • Irene Macias landed a new partnership with Hair Garge in LV and is on the salon track and feeling VERY CONFIDENT - BIG WIN!
  • Kristie E has just come on board and already has 2 parties set and is hitting things off like a rock star! UBS anyone? - BIG START!
  • Ending the weekend with Irene and Karen both having parties - AWESOME END!

I'm so tired but so high all the time it's this dull roar that never ceases and I'm so happy to be in the "grow zone" and I know that things will continue to turbo boost. I was looking at the team overall right now and I'm so excited to say that have some great commission checks and with UBS closing up the 90 days for some of us I'm on track right now to make $900 in bonuses from that and also another $300-$400 in product commissions without counting the $400 coming in for the product I've just purchased and our big event on the 24th helping to make all that a reality. Honestly it's mind boggling!

The talent in our Hive is unreal. I want all of you for your weekend homework to check out Lauri's latest blog which is amazing and very timely for all of you starting off on your new parties!

Glean from her knowledge and experience and work the UB runway to success and great sales!

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