Monday, March 26, 2007

WKRP in Cincinatti!!

Ok so that's not the actual call letters of the station but it IS an exciting radio debut for one of The Hive's finest - Lauri Hetzer! Want to here her live and in person? Visit the mp3 recording here:

This is super exciting stuff and Urban Botanic will continue to thrive from this incredible publicity! Lauri was a complete professional and though she thought she was nervous I couldn't tell a bit! Super congrats out to Lauri and an amazing start to her week!

Another update I had today was from Kristie Edelman in MA who had her 1st UB Party today. Her grand opening inluded a champagne brunch for friends and with 6 party goers she did a record $228 in sales! She'll surely have her kit investment paid off in 1 more party. SHOUT OUT FOR KRISTIE!

We went through what went great and what could've gone better but all in all she did amazing and I'm really impressed at how quickly she's picking up on evertying. Being remote can be a challenge but she hasn't let it stop her. She also had Alexis in MA come to her party to support and experience it and that was really cool! I believe she is either under Kim or Kiki's team but I love the fact it honestly doesn't matter, we are one big family and it shows.

Kelsey, Kris and I had an interesting experience at the boutique event. The crowd was very small but we had some awesome networking opportunities and really got to bond as a local team here in WA. I took them to dinner at the Cabbage Patch restaurant and Kelsey and I walked down to another boutique where I launched into a conversation with the owners and they too are interested in hosting an event and perhaps having their own signature scent as well. They also referred us to a couple of Spas in the area that would be perfect for what we're doing.

I'm looking forward to a strong end to March and hopefully more Hive members becoming Scentsational! Here's to a great week!


Kristie said...

Thanks for the shout out Shawna! You've been a great support. Thanks for taking the time to talk it through. I'll keep you posted with the salon and boutique mailings as well as my next party.

Kelsey aka MamaSpice said...

I'm all over that day spa connection! I will show you what I am going to send before it goes out the door. ;)