Saturday, May 12, 2007

Give your presentation a Face Lift!

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Are you selling, recruiting and booking as effectively as you could be at your parties?
Maybe you are just BORED and need some new ideas.

One of the best things you can do to give your party presentations a fresh coat of paint so-to-speak is to put on your observation glasses, open up your mind and visit a party presented by another consultant in your company.

Print out the following to use as a Party Observation Guide. You may also find this is a helpful tool for new team members when they observe a party for training purposes.

How did the consultant build rapport with the guests?
How did the consultant introduce herself and the company?
How did she explain the “details” (payment options, shipping costs and delivery of product)?

Product Presentation:
How did the consultant present the products? (By categories, groupings, guest request, etc;)
Did the consultant actively involve the guests and if so, how?
How did she make the presentation FUN?
Did the consultant cross-sell products or suggest `add-on' sales?

Booking and Recruiting:
How and when did the consultant introduce the Hostess or Consultant Opportunity?
During her Opening?
With specific products?
In her closing?
Did she have any visuals for recruiting or hosting?

What points/questions did the consultant use in her closing that described her services and asked for hostesses, recruits, referrals, and future business and/or during the order taking process?

Your thoughts?

What did you learn that you will incorporate into your next presentation. What will be valuable to you in YOUR business?

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