Sunday, May 20, 2007

It Takes 12 Contacts to Make a Client!


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Did you know that it takes 12 contacts to make a client? Twenty years ago, it only took 4 contacts! This is because we are now living in an information society, and people are exposed to a lot of data.

Here are some interesting facts about each contact that you make:

Contact #1 (50% of salespeople quit after making the first contact)

Contact #2 (65% of salespeople quit by this point)

Contact #3 (79.9% of salespeople have quit)

Contact #4 (89.8% of salespeople have quit. It is interesting to note,that at this point, your prospect just begins to recognize your name)

Contact #5 (you are becoming a factor in the prospect's mind)

Contact #6 (slowly, they are getting to know you)

Contact #7 (You are earning Top of Mind Awareness)

Contact #8 (At this point, you may be the only person to ever havemade 8 contacts with this customer)

Contact #9 (At this point, when your prospect is ready to buy, you have a 90% chance of being called)

By Contact #12, you have an 'Irresistible Relationship'

There are lots of different ways to make these contacts. It's ideal to use at least 3 different media. Try tobrainstorm and make a list of 20 different ways to makecontact with your prospects. (This must be to a specificperson). Some ideas might be:

Ad specialty items
Networking groups
Email (be careful that you are not spamming them).
Greeting cards
Handwritten notes, etc.

Once you have put together your list, write down a plan. This plan should include what type of a contact you will be making, as wellas a schedule on when you will be making thesecontacts. You might create an index file system,a notebook, or use a program such as ACT to trackthis and to keep notes.

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