Friday, May 18, 2007

Fashion Show Postcard Winner!!!

Thanks to Josh Tyson for putting in some long hours on this postcard. Here are his comments:

"I'm glad you like it Shawna. It was fun and interesting to work on something that was for a business and not just an assignment for a school class. As for a bio.... Im 23 years old working on finishing up getting my bachelor's degree in Graphic Design at IADT. Hoping to graduate as soon as possible; excited to get into the field and get going on a career. I entered the contest after seeing it posted on my school's website. I hadn't entered one before, so i figured what the heck. I gave it a shot and what do you know. I plan on entering more contests as long as i can fit in the time between school and work. "

Corporate has signed off on this so I'll be ordering from Vista Print for the event soon! I've also put out an ask to all the Fragrance Designers in coming up with a "La Mode" international fragrance. I've had a few great entries so far but would love MORE!
I think I mentioned to most of you that some celebrity judges from Project Runway will be attending and judging so super fun and incredible press ops!

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