Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Incredible Weekend and Great Show Monday

I am so exhausted tonite but it's the good kind! After a great show at Shop 07 in Seattle (thanks to Kelsey and hubby for all their help) I came home to check email and find out we have a NEW Hive Member! Congrats to Dee in CO for adding her 1st and #30 in The Hive! This was an exciting # to reach and I'm so excited to see where we end up for my Bday challenge!

I first wanted to add the comments I received from Hive Members this weekend about their GREAT parties! Thanks so much for sending these in...

Today was my highest grossing event to date @ $206.84 :) And that was AFTER my Mother's Day Special (I gave everyone who was a mother half-off a product). I had 7 guests (someone stood me up, but that didn't seem to matter!) and got 2 bookings... Let's see how tomrrow goes!
Catherine Javier-Wong
Fragrance Designer

Wow...what a weekend!! Here is an account of my 3 parties!

Party #1, Friday, 12yo b-day party, 6 guests, $270.00!
This party was awesome! They are just a few blocks from my house so even though it was a Friday/workweek party, it was not too rushed to get my kids fed and then get over there. There were 4 tweens who were absolutely delightful. They were extremely attentive and really got into the whole process. The two adults were the birthday girl's mom and the step(?)-grandma. They were soooo nice and absolutely LOVED the process! They all came up with really sophisticated, great blends and I had as much fun as they did. Really, it was probably my best party to date in terms of the people and how great they were.We were set up in the garage and had the garage door open because it was such a nice evening. Neighbors were strolling by and were very interested in what we were doing. It was great to be on display like that! Mom works at an extremely popular local restaurant (like a local institution) and says she's been raving about UB before the party and I'm sure will be doing it even more afterward. Grandma works for the city parks/rec department and is going to see about having me do workshops through the city and ads would go out in the local activities magazine to every household in a 5-mile radius. TOO COOL!! Even if that doesn't pan out, I am certain I will be getting more bookings from this party. They took a big handful of my cards to pass out to people they know.I also got an email direct from the birthday girl yesterday saying thank you! :)

Party #2, 7yo birthday party, 6 guests, $165.00. This party was Saturday afternoon. I was a little anxious as it was for 7 year old twin girls and their friends. There were 5 little girls and mom who made fragrances. The girls were great! They really like the whole idea once they understood what we were doing. I think their favorite part was naming the fragrances. Even though they were young, I was blown away with some of the recipes. Bergamot and water lily was one fragrance and it was LOVELY! While I batched up their scents, the girls did presents and then went downstairs to play, so mom and I had a nice conversation. She was really intrigued by UB and plans to host another party for her girlfriends. She also asked a lot of questions about being an FD. So we'll see what might develop.

Party #3, one of my best friend's b-day party, 5 guests, $100. This party was another winner. Not that it shows from the total, which was a little lower than I expected. But half of the guests were second timers and had just as much fun mixing this time as last time. The two new guests are originally from Europe so the home party concept was new to them. But they loved it and plan on hosting a party to include some of their co-workers who weren't able to attend this party. One of my friends came up with an awesome new scent that is almost a unisex blend, very warm and sexy. It is one each of Naked, Fig, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Cedarwood. She called it "Stud Finder" - three of them are heading off to Spain this week for a vacation and she is going to use this scent to attract some romance! haha After the party, the four of us went out to celebrate our friend's birthday with some karaoke and cocktails. It was the perfect way to cap off a great two days of parties! Now it's Mothers Day and I am going to relax!! :)

Kelsey Foster
Fragrance Designer

Today was super fun with Shop 07. The boutiques loved us. I had cute folders with a boutique letter, boutique process for commissions, all the fragrances we offer and our press release. I also provided the Inside Out postcard and signature fragrance and explained how we could do the same for them. It was a HUGE day of contacts and I'm looking forward to following up with everyone this week. Follow Up is KEY while they remember you!

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