Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hive Member Spotlight - Kristin James - Hughson, CA

Shawna's Note:

Kristin is an amazing new additon to The Hive and we're so lucky to have her. She is direct to Lauri Hetzer in Cincinatti and has completely impressed me with her party calender for May/June just starting out!
Thank you Kristin for your incredible spirit and for answering our spotlight questions...

I am a happily married mother of 3 crazy boys. I live in Hughson, California. My birthday is October 1.

What caught my attention to sign up with UB, was the fact that I have always loved perfume and body products. When I realized that with this company, I would be able to create my own scents and make $ too, I had to sign up.

My family and friends are so supportive of me starting my new business. My personality results can change from day to day. I am close in all scent families. These scents are so delicious, I love them all!

Within the next year, I see myself building a great team. I am working on becoming UBsensational, that would be awesome. A personality trait that I have that will help me become successful, is my friendliness, I am always cheerful and smiling.

Shawna's Fun Questions:

If you were on a deserted island what 3 things would you bring?

If I was on an island here are the 3 things I would bring.... mascara, lip gloss, and my UB parfum spray.

If you were given 10k towards your UB business how would you use it?

If I had a check for $10,000 I would invest it into more UB products (bb bath, shower gel, lotion, parfum, hostess gifts, oh and more fragrance oils), I would also use it to promote my business, such as magazine adds, news paper adds, maybe even a tv add. I would also use it to help other women who want to become a fragrance designer, but don't have the cash to do so.


Kelsey aka MamaSpice said...

Welcome Kristin! :)

Angie said...

Welcome to the Hive!

UB Inspire said...

Greetings from the land of 10,000 lakes!! Welcome to the HIVE. Can you feel the buzz??