Friday, May 4, 2007

NOW is the BEST time in your Urban Botanic business

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When we invite people to join our team, often we find that the response can be; “maybe later”… It is our job to help our prospects know why NOW, is the best time to join. Spring, April in particular, can be one of the smartest times for someone to begin building a party plan business for a number of reasons…

Many people have a little extra cash because they have received their income tax refunds.
The kids are still in school and spring celebrations (Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduations and other end-of-the-school year concerts and parties) have not yet begun.

The warmer weather is here. Neighbors come out of hibernation, so there are many opportunities to spread the word about a new business.

It's a great time to get that “learning curve” out of the way. As with any new endeavor, a fair amount of time is needed to “get the hang” of the ins and outs of this new home business. Things that come naturally to seasoned consultants (ie; maneuvering the company website, placing orders, calculating tax/shipping and filling out forms) are foreign to a new consultant. What better time than when things are a little less hectic to learn these new skills?

Cycles of business. Seeds planted NOW, will begin to blossom and be ready for picking by the end of the 3rd and into the very lucrative 4th quarter of the year.

By inviting people to join now, you will be helping them to get their business started and be up to full speed by the fall! Use this week to re-visit some old leads or perhaps approach some new prospects and remind them why NOW is the BEST time to join your company!

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