Thursday, May 31, 2007

Keeping up with the Bees

Hive Homework Lesson for Thursday...

#1 Visit my new post on wedding bee - this mayhem has already given me 150 requests for a free sample...

#2 Read up on Kelsey's pioneer spirit and what it really takes to launch a start up business like ours! Inspiring and a great reality check ;)

#3 Remember my birthday is only 2 weeks away and we're at 31 in The Hive! Think we can make it 37 for my 37th by the 15th? Let's make that push!

#4 Do something nice for yourself today. Even if it's an ice cream from the that cute ice cream man (ok so he's 16 - who cares!)

1 comment:

UB SoCal said...

I love the "get something free" idea! Isn't it amazing what a little free sample will do? Hmmmmm? Ideas are popping in my head!

Also, love Kelsey's take on us being "Pioneers" in launching UB. She also recommends the book "The Tipping Point"...I've been wanting to read it. I have his other book "Blink" which is also an awesome book. Thanks Shawna and Kelsey for your amazing leadership!!!!