Monday, May 7, 2007

Leading your Urban Botanic team effectively

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If you are a leader in your company, you worked hard to get where you are. You are good at what you do. It is a given that you are a good seller and recruiter. You are (or are learning to be) a good coach.

If you are a good seller and a recruiter, it does not mean that you are magically exempt from parties that bomb, presentations where you are tongue tied, hostesses that cancel, recruiting appointments where no one shows up, or days where you can't reach anyone on the phone. It just means that you've done it more often and learned from your mistakes.

Leaders need to be good at what they do in order to train others. However, there is nothing wrong with letting your team know that they too struggle at times. It is OK to share that as long as you keep the slant positive.

Sales can be fun and exhilarating - but true success in sales comes to those who persevere through the bumps in the road and keep a good attitude.

As a leader, you set an example for your team in everything you do. They are watching everything - how you succeed and how you fail. YOU set the pace for your team.
Learn from the negative as well as the positive, from the failures as well as the successes.

- Jim Rohn


Kelsey aka MamaSpice said...

That is a great article. Jim brings up some great points - that to be a good leader doesn't mean you are infallible. In fact, sharing our mistakes and areas for improvement with our teammates can make us more relatable. And it keeps us all "real", building a stronger team in the process!

UB Queen Bee said...

Yah it made me feel alot better about myself LOL. Awesome to know that it's better to try things than worry about beig perfect ;)