Friday, May 11, 2007

What's your 30 second Urban Botanic Commercial?

I received a great email from Denise in MN asking the following:

Hello ladies,

I hope you're having a good day. Just wanted to drop you an email to find out what you say when someone asks what Urban Botanic is or what you do.

I'm working on mine and would like to see what others are saying.


She had emailed Kelsey and I on this matter but I wanted to know what the rest of you thought as well and you can post in the comments! Here is both Kelsey and my answer...

From Kelsey:

That's a great question! I call that my "elevator speech" as it should be short enough to get your point across in the time span of an elevator ride.

I usually say something along the lines of "I am a Fragrance Designer with Urban Botanic." then they ask what is Urban Botanic?
"UB is this really cool brand new product line that allows women to make their own custom or signature fragrance. Then you can blend your scent into spray, lotion, bubble bath, and shower gel. We have 66 oils to choose from and it's so much fun to play chemist and come up with fragrances for every mood. I'm totally addicted!" At this point, if it's someone I just met, I will hand them my card and tell them there is a really fun scent personality quiz on my website they should go take.

This usually gets them interested and asking a few questions, usually where to buy. I tell them that:

"we do home parties, or workshops. The great thing that makes UB so different is that at the workshop, it's totally interactive and everyone gets to participate in making their scent before they get out their wallets. It's much more engaging than browsing through a catalog or watching someone demonstrate things as common with other home parties. There is absolutely no pressure to buy but most people do because they love their creation and it's so affordable."

So I'm probably well over the 30-second mark LOL, but I like to point out how I do a lot of wedding-related events, birthday parties for children 8 and up, and how UB is great for gift giving. And also how the products are great quality and hypoallergenic, safe for all ages.

I tend to alter my response slightly depending on the person or situation and the questions they ask. If I have more time, I always like to explain how new the company is and how it's growing so fast. I do this to possibly peak their interest in joining the team. If it's someone who I know already, I tell them I never imagined I would EVER do direct sales but this is just the best concept and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to get involved.

From Shawna:

"What is it you do?" - Shawna: "I'm a Fragrance Designer with Urban Botanic. We just launched last year and are bringing the expensive art of fragrance design to the masses. We teach you how to create your own fragrance so you don't need to wear someone else's like J. Lo or Hillary Duff. When people ask where they can get what you're wearing, THEY CANT! It's an original design just for you.

Here's my card - check out our website and if you're interested in scheduling one of our workshops, just give me a call or request one on our website!"

For a great book on this actual topic see: "Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift" by Lorraine Howell.

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