Sunday, May 27, 2007

Great Advice from Kristina Cottrell for your Urban Botanic Business


Know your Vision. When you start your business
you have a dream of what it will be. A true
entrepreneur can see what their business will
be when it is fully developed. They take the dream
and step into it and start living the vision of
where they want their business to go. Now along
the road visions will change and may even change
direction, as you reach one level you move to the
next and craft a new vision. The action is to keep
your eye on the end result and live your life with
the presence that you are already there.

I love this message from Kristina about envisioning where you want to go. I continue to think about next steps for The Hive and working with my Goal Worksheet to work towards income goals, new team member goals, and just my overall business. If you haven't had a chance to watch "The Secret" yet or you need to go back and re-review it's principals, now is the time! Summer is the perfect opportunity for parties (especially tween birthday parties) and it's time to put up another 90 day goal and challenge. For those of you that didn't make UBS, how would you like another chance to earn a bonus?

Stay tuned this week for more details!

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