Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hive Member Spotlight - Irene Macias - Las Vegas, NV

I am Irene Macias from Las Vegas, NV living with Sandy, my domestic partner of 5 ½ years, Jonas, my 11 yr old son and three dogs (Shih Tzu/Maltese mix, Cock-a-poo, and a senior lab)—yes, we are a full house of diversity in my home! :-P

I “stumbled” upon UB when I went to I was going to advertise my other business venture. I fell in love with the concept and knew that this was indeed a unique business opportunity. When Shawna filled me in on what entails the business start up kit, I knew that this was just a venture that I simply could not pass up! In as much as I wanted to click that “Sign Up Now” button and start in December, I had to hold myself back and waited to come onboard in January.

I had been seeking a venture that I could be passionate about. In the process of me seeking, I got in quite a few at home ventures. Thus, when UB came along, all of my family pretty much gave me a groan and a half of skepticism and a mile long lecture and warnings about how this might be a scam, except for Louie, my sister and Sandy, my partner. They understood that for one to succeed in his or her business, one must be passionate about the products that she or her will market. They both know that I love anything that smells good and unique. They also are very much aware that I have this strong, obsessive desire to have my own business and succeed in it. Thus, they just fully supported me when I said I wanted to join Urban Botanic.

To my fellow hive members, by us sharing our different approaches in the business really is a huge support right there. I thank you all for the willingness to share.

My personality test results are Floral: 21% Fruity: 19% Herby: 14% Leafy: 17% Spicy: 19%Woodsy: 10%. I see myself growing and succeeding with my UB business. I see myself having 7 members in my team. :-P I think my ability to face challenges head on, determination and passion to succeed in this business will be the two major factors of my success in this business.

(Shawna's Question) What was your life's biggest success thus far?

Biggest would be….hmmmm….my relocation here to Vegas (I lived 9 years in San Jose, CA) and the 360 degree change I created in me and my son’s life. (getting rid of the drama, re-establishing my peaceful life, etc.)

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