Saturday, May 5, 2007

Buying Closable Bags to House your Lotion Samples & Postcards

As part 2 of an earlier post, I've attached a pic of the 5x6 plastic covers that house the postcard and lotion sample for events.

ULine is a great company for these. I was able to purchase 1000 for $33. That obviously goes quite a long ways! I then place the postcard for the event that I purchase from Vist Print into the baggie and the lotion sample and wallah I'm done!

To order products with Vista Print is very easy. You want the regular size postcards that are always on sale for 100 FREE. You just pay for shipping and ALWAYS choose the cheapest method of $5.25 even though it says 21 days. I've never had it take longer than 14 and sometimes it seems like they're here in a week so don't be dooped by quick shipping costing you big dollars.

On team burst in the logo or postcard area (can't remember this minute) you'll find the postcard "fronts" that you can upload to VP. Once you've done that once, you won't have to pay an upload fee again on those particular cards. So basically my first hundred cards cost about $10 in uploads and $5.25 for shipping, but then all mailers after that just cost the $5.25. So if you figure everything I have in the package it works out to this:

  • Postcard Cost = .05

  • Lotion Jar = .15

  • Baggie to house them = .03

Total Cost for my promotional item = .23 cents.

So basically I can reach close to 5 people for $1. And it's something they feel has value and they may look into booking a party. Which means for $100 (my profit from a party) I can potentially reach 500 people that potentially could book 10-15 parties not including parties from parties!

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