Thursday, May 3, 2007

Where do you buy your Lotion Containers for Urban Botanic samples?

So in my monthly newsletter today I mentioned that I would be blogging on "where" I get supplies to create the boutique samples that can be given out in shopping bags or at events. I wanted to do a blog specifically on the materials I use and how I put this together.

Let's start with the lotion samples. I choose lotion over perfume for a couple of reasons. One reason is that those that don't necessarily use perfume still seem to use lotion and like it and I also believe it's our best product as far as performance! I absolutely LOVE what it does for my skin and hear nothing but compliments. Another reason is that these samples travel well, don't break or leak, and are super easy and fast to put together.

The containers you'll want to buy are located at Container Packing and Supply. There website is:

Here is a picture of the items...

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The cost for the jars are .09 cents each. The cost for the lids are .06 cents each or a total of .15 cents each plus shipping and tax.

Corporate Headquarters has let me know that it's a great price and comparable to whatever they would be able to find.

To make the lotion samples I've found it takes about 4 bottles to hande 150-200 samples. Take the number of drops in your scent and divide it into 200 to get the amount needed for 4 bottles. Get out a mixing bowl and dump the lotion into it. Add the correct amount of drops and mix with a whire wisk until well blended.

I use a medicine dropper to suck up the lotion and squirt it into the jars. I do it as an assembly line and do 50 at a time. Then I put the lids on and move on to the next 50. If you have to leave or get distracted take some plastic wrap and cover your bowl until you can come back to it.

Tomorrow we'll cover the postcards that go with the lotion and the plastic sleeves you can purchase to hold it all together nicely.

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