Sunday, August 12, 2007

Back on the Party Horse!

Oh last night was a great party! It ended up being semi last minute and was for a bday party/UB party but ended up great and with 8 people. I sold 2 party specials and 7 lotions so that was about $200 in RSV! I also booked a party (actually the same lady is having 2 - a bday party for her daughter and a regular party for her friends).

I tried something a little different last night because I left my prizes for the booking game at home. I just said that anyone that booked a party tonite would get 20% off of tonite's order and their purchases would count towards their party. The lady loved it and booked with no issue so that was really fun!

Some of the scent creations were really different so I thought I'd share:

Party Special - equal parts of Lemon/Sage (really zingy and fresh)
Party Special - Shower Gel/Perfume Cucumber and Honeydew - Lotion in Raspberry/Almond

2 Lotions purchased the same scent - Frangipani and Sandalwood - VERY SEXY!

Another was a re-order of White Tea and Violet (nice mixture if you haven't tried it)

One of the girls made a delicious concoction of Lemon, Mandarin, Grapefruit and another citrusy scent I can't remember now.

It was a really good time and reminded me why parties are so much fun! It was great to book a party from a party and continue having places to go as well. Another of my previous hostesses was there and wants to do another party in a few months so that was cool and officially means I booked 2! LOL

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