Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bringing on another state to Urban Botanic

As many of you may have noticed from the email I sent out we are now in Indiana! I'm excited for all of you to virtually meet Wanda as she is a total go-getter and excited to have chosen UB as she had looked at many direct sales companies.

I finished up the samples for Horse Shoe Boutique and will be mailing those out on Monday to Jill to begin giving her customers. Peridot Boutique in Seattle is also signed on and their postcard is being designed as we speak along with their sister boutique coming on board in September.

I am VERY sad to say that I have not had "1" inquiry on the Downtown Dog Lounge samples... (crying after all my hard work on 535 of them) So I'm not sure how hot the pet thing will be. I have some extra cards and samples left over that I will be trying at the Tiki Lounge Dog Spa over in my area and see if that is a hit in a different area. It might be a little over the top for the green tree huggers here in Seattle but in Cally or the east coast it might be just the thing. I wouldn't spend a lot of $ on it as it certainly hasn't paid off yet...

Next week is the big fashion show and McKenna has helped me design some incredibly yummy scents for the Project Runway Designers. I'll put those in the big recipe book as they are fun men's scents and we never seem to have enough of those!

I'm hoping my newest boutiques will be a hit and I'll be doing some fun in store events as well for VIP customers so I'll share ideas and pictures for all of those fun moments!

Have a great week and let's close off August as strong as possible and get ready for an incredibly HOT fall!

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