Friday, August 10, 2007

A new team member's incredible first steps!

Kimberly Clark is already becoming a favorite of mine! She is so full of great ideas and more importantly BIG IDEAS! I wanted to share some excerpts from the email I received from her this week days after she received her kit!

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With this kind of determination and commitment there is no stopping what this busy bee can do!

"Hi Shawna,

Thanks for helping me out with mixing the fragrances on Friday. This weekend went well! They loved the concept and a few are going to book parties. I think I told you what the Mocha Moms are about but just in case I didn't... they are an organization that provides support to stay at home moms. There were Mochas from all over the country.

The chapter closest to me meets every other Tuesday but they also have other functions like moms night out, book clubs and bible study. More than one chapter has agreed to book. The Maryland chapter is having a Home Based Business Extravaganza in October and I plan on attending. I mixed at the table which was a bit hectic on Saturday but my cousin came with me on Sunday to help. She's in school for skin care and will probably sign on soon. I made close to $200 and made some really great contacts.

I was asked to create a fragrance for a girls line of clothing called Forever Girl. The website is Their first fashion show is Saturday. Got a few leads about the business from the event as well. I went on my Warm Spirit yahoo groups page and posted that I was selling my product purchased from Warm Spirit. I put my signature on that says I am a UB Fragrance Designer. I got a few people really interested in the business because WS only offers 25% and the market for them is pretty saturated. I still have so much more to do. It's been crazy, but I am loving every minute of it. You should have seen the ladies at the convention. I am soooo excited... can't you tell!"

If you put yourself out there and really work to pioneer UB there is no telling what things may occur! As you saw, Kimberly was at a convention that led her to the contact for forevergirl which is a super fun site and I checked out and I think UB would be a perfect fit for them. The more you can involve yourself in venues that harbor our potential clients, the more things will be attracted to you and you will continue to find a new place to go!

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UB SoCal said...

Way to go Kim!!! What a launch! Keep us posted and let us know if there is anything we can do to help!