Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fundamental #5 - Recruiting at your parties (TSF)

We sell three things at our parties - product, the opportunity to host a party and the business opportunity. The best way for a guest and potential team member to witness first hand exactly what it is that we do is to observe us at a party. Here are some tips to peak interest in the business.

Are we having fun yet? If you have fun doing what you do - then others will want to join you!
Money - it's ok for them to know that you love what you do and that you actually do make great money for the time you spend doing it!

Like hosting - mention the business opportunity at least three times during your presentation. Don't forget to talk about why NOW is the best time to get involved with your company.
Talk about the favorite products that you received when you ordered your sample kit.
Use visuals at your parties. A small poster board with information about your kit and the business at the front of the room or on a coffee table - even a simple `Help Wanted' sign - will peak interest.

Watch and listen for green flags - the signs that someone is interested in doing what you do:

  • Who was a head nodder?

  • Who asked a lot of questions?

  • Who loved everything?

  • Who came early (or stayed late)?

  • Who volunteered to help you pack up your products?

  • Who asked: `How many nights a week do you do this?', `How did you do tonight?', `Is your husband supportive of your business?', `Do you have another job besides this one?' These questions and any questions about your business can be answered by you briefly and then followed up with `I'm curious, why do you ask?'… You'll be surprised at the responses you get.

Carry recruiting information packets and consultant agreements with you to your parties. Don't assume you won't sign someone up on the spot - some people will decide quickly. However, at the very least, schedule a time within 24-48 hours to review the information with your potential recruit - preferably in person if you can. You want to talk with them while their enthusiasm is high.

Happy fall - don't forget to have FUN while focusing on these fundamentals!

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