Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Handling Competitive Companies

Hi All! This week has definitely started off with a bang! I've been working with a potential new consultant that I hope will be joining us in early Sepember. She sent an email today that actually had me a bit stumped in some areas and so I asked McKenna to respond to the questions. She wanted to able to handle the objections without speaking poorly of another company and McKenna was right on the mark so I thought I'd share out with team in case this comes up for any of you! A little background first by including the email I received:

"What does one say when the question of comes up of, "Doesn't (such-and-such store) offer the same thing?" There is a store in Portland that does offer custom perfumes. Two people have mentioned the store and I've not really known what to say except that I'm sure they have a good product, but that it may be different than what U.B. offers, plus this offers the convenience of doing the fragrance in your own home instead of going out.

I've looked on their website and have found the following:~~Escential perfume oils are available in quarter and half ounce glass bottles, and one-third ounce roller bottles. They are highly concentrated, long lasting, and contain no alcohol. We also offer two and four ounce cologne sprays made from any of our perfume oils.Many of our customers find it helpful to think in terms of what "type" of fragrance they prefer when they are attempting to narrow their choice.

For your convenience, we have divided our Perfume Oils into floral, citrus, fruity, green, woodsy, oriental or sweet. If you find a fragrance that you know you like within one type you are likely to have an affinity for other fragrances within the same category. We are happy to send you a sample of any of our Perfume Oils with any order you place. Ask us!~~A third ounce of the perfume oil roller bottle is $8.00, and a 2 oz cologne spray is $6-$8, from the little I've found. Their website is http://www.escential.net/.Anything I can say to counter ? Or just let it go and say if they would ever like to try U.B. to let me know? I do not want to talk badly about a business.

McKenna's response:

You can accentuate the positives about UB without talking badly about another business.

1. UB offers custom fragrances in the comfort of your own home. You can create your scent at your convenience with a U.B.You Signature Fragrance Collection.

2. At a UB party, you're able to smell your fragrance before making the buying decision - no wasted money. You know you'll like before you buy.

3. With a U.B.You Signature Fragrance Collection, we offer the craft to you. It's not a one-time thing you do in a store. Your collection has a possibility of over 44,000 fragrance combinations, which guarantees you'll find many fragrance blends you absolutely love.

4. With UB, the customer creates the fragrance instead of listing likes and dislikes and putting their fragrance in the hands of the fragrance designer. YOU, the customer design your fragrance. We're here to help you make sure you're satisfied, but only you can create the perfect scents for you - no one can do it for you with the same level of satisfaction.

As far as the pricing goes... just remember you get what you pay for :)


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