Friday, August 24, 2007

Family and Business partnership (TSF)

Quick update from Shawna - I've all of the sudden gone from 0 parties to 6 parties in 2 days! This is so great - all that sowing in the summer is finally coming to fruition. I know the same will start happening for all of you as well! It's amazing how it's picking up and the law of attraction is working overtime!

We've spent the past couple of weeks talking about how you need to be prepared business wise for the fall season.

Equally as important, however, is being sure that your family/business balance is in good working order as well.

We are quickly moving from summer into `back to school' time. For those of you with school aged children - this means yet another change in routine - hopefully for the better.

With the children back in school - we have the `illusion' that we finally have TIME! However, that time can get eaten up quicker than you realize if you are not intentional when planning your days.

Office hours - Adjust them for back-to-school time and KEEP THEM! Don't get side-tracked on projects that can be done at times when you can't be on the phone.

After school - BE PRESENT for your kiddos when they walk in the door. Do everything in your power NOT to be on the phone when they walk in. That first 10 minutes is when they will spill their guts and tell you all the important things that happened in their day.

First thing in the morning - Know what's for dinner (pull out that crock pot again!), be sure your car is packed if you have a party that night and know what outfit you will wear.

Communicate - A master calendar for your family works wonders. When my kids were in school we used one from the office supply store that was for dry erase markers. We color coded all our family activities. That way, there were no surprises.

Set family goals - By involving your husband and children in goal setting - they will be more supportive of your business. For example; if you are working towards a family vacation to Disneyworld. Draw a thermometer that the kids can color in as you move closer to your goal. Tape a picture of Minnie and Mickey on the fridge - make it fun!

Ask for help - Kids as young as seven can learn to do their laundry (mine did) - even five year olds can stamp catalogs and it is never too early to teach a toddler or preschooler to help pick up his toys!

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