Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Member's Success Story

I love so much to get emails from the team and especially love sharing success stories from new team members. Kim is in Tigard, OR and crossed the state's border over to WA for her very first party. She had this party booked before she even ordered her kit so she only had a few days to put eveything together and I wanted to share her experience so that all of you that are remote and figuring out the business can see how easy it truly is!

From Kim:

"The party last night went pretty well, except for me thinking I was going the wrong way, turning myself around and then gettin on the right track while driving to the house. Totally my fault as I don't know Vancouver, WA. :-)There were 4 girls, the mom of one of the girls whose home it was, and an extra lotion was made for a girl who was not there.

The girls smelled the sample scents while I finished getting the settings ready, then we got started. I introduced myself, Urban Botanic, then explained what we were going to do. I used the sheet in the Flip Book that gave some personality traits for each scent group. The girls then started smelling the oils from their "group" and whatever other ones they wanted to -- with a caution about closing the dropper lids. I used your tip of having the girls flip over the scent tracking sheet and writing down 3-5 of their favorites on the back.

I asked that when they were done, to please flip the paper back over, so I could tell and move on. They then each picked oils to add to their mixing glass. Most stopped after the two, loving the combo. Only had one who had trouble, but she finally came up with something she liked. I had calculators out and walked the girls through each step on the sheet. Then they all got to add drops to their mixing glasses, then mix with the disposable droppers. Then, each girl got to pick out the bag she liked with the lotion (and floral emory board I threw in). I demonstrated with a lotion bottle how to put the dropper in and slowly pull up while slowly squeezing to release the oil into the product. The girls did so well!!!

They then finished by stirring, shaking the bottles, then naming and writing the recipe down. I also had each girl write her name on the top of her scent sheet so I could keep them and know what her blend was if she wanted it again. The girls loved it all. The mom loved it and wants to do a show with friends and our co-workers.For a regular show, I'll need to know the flip book and practice all of that and the booking and sponsoring. I think I did the mixing demo very well. I didn't have to write up orders this time, so that will be different and take longer in the future. The whole thing (minus set up and clean up) took about an hour, I'd guess."

Kim probably doesn't realize how incredible she was but I think that girls can be great for a 1st party because you don't get as nervous as you do with your peers and they are so easy going! I'm so excited to see her have a great success and book another party from the one she did! Way to go Kim!!!

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