Friday, August 17, 2007

Party fundamentals for a fantastic fall…Part 4 (TSF)

Fundamental #4 - Booking parties at your parties

Despite the variety of ways to `be in touch' these days - sometimes we find ourselves playing phone tag with potential hostesses in order to secure a date. Another way to maximize your time spent at the party is to book parties there. Here are some tips for booking parties at parties:

Thank your hostess publicly by presenting her with a small gift (this can be as simple and inexpensive as a single carnation tied with a ribbon).
When demonstrating bigger ticket items - be sure that guests know how hostesses can earn a percentage off.

Mention the benefits of hosting a party at least three times during your presentation (in your introduction, your closing and at least once in the middle). If your company offers `hostess only' products and exclusives - don't forget to talk about these!

Play - `Stack the Hostess' with your guests. Ask for two volunteers. Give one a calculator and let the other be the `hostess'. Your `hostess' begins to choose items that she would like and you stack them on her lap while having the other volunteer add up their total on the calculator. Once she has reached a dollar amount in product that is typical to your company for hostess earnings - everyone will have a good visual of your hostess benefits. (Tweak this as need be depending on your company's hostess plan).

INVITE EVERYONE to host a party as they place their order. If you feel shy about doing this - make an announcement during your introduction that you will be asking everyone to book a party and that if you forget - you will pay for the shipping on their order. That way you KNOW you won't forget and they will be expecting it.

Don't forget to carry hostess packets and your calendar or date cards with you so that you can date the party immediately.

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