Monday, November 26, 2007

Advertise, advertise, advertise

The last time you paid your credit card bill, how hard was it for you to find the line (in size 1 font) that said, “Make checks payable to________”?

Did it make you crazy? I'm convinced it is one of many ways that credit card companies put in place to mess us up when we attempt to pay our bill (because ultimately that means more money for them!)

How easy is it for your customers (current and potential) to find you? Do you frustrate them? Your name, phone number and business should be in lots of places. Here are just a few suggestions:

Your answering machine - be sure your message mentions your business
Your catalogs - Stamp them in multiple places and DON'T be stingy! Catalogs are MUCH larger than a business card!

Business card magnets - rarely get lost and always are referenced. To this day, we receive phone calls from customers and hostesses who we gave a magnet to YEARS ago.
Business cards - put them in every bill that you pay

Your name, phone number and business (with a small commercial if you like) on your “signature” of all emails you send out.

Bumper stickers or car magnets advertising your business

Watch what the companies you do business with do to keep their name and number in front of you. Pay attention particularly to the small businesses (those with small budgets). You may find that some of their ideas can be transferred to your business. Be easy to find and watch your business explode!

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