Thursday, November 8, 2007

Booth/Vendor events

Today, we will focus on some of the Do's and Don'ts of these events.

DO bring catalogs, fliers, hostess and recruiting packets as well as your date book and EXPECT to date events and sign recruits!

DON'T just leave the catalogs and information sitting out at your booth. People will come to these events and pick up whatever paper is not nailed down. In their mind, they are doing you a favor by taking your brochure. Your materials cost money and while you don't want to be stingy in handing things out. NEVER give out a catalog without getting a name and phone number in exchange for following up! Here's a possible script to use:

Customer - “Can I have a catalog?”
YOU - “Sure, I've got them right under my table, do me a favor and fill out this information card while I get it…”
People will do as they are told…honest, they will…especially if you say this with confidence, the same way you tell your children to put on their coat and shoes because it's time to leave.

DO have some kind of tablecloth or skirting for your display table if none is provided.

DON'T use a tablecloth that is wrinkled, stained or uneven at the bottom. This looks tacky and unprofessional.

DO wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

DON'T wear a tee shirt and jeans. The exception might be if you are wearing a clean nicely pressed logo apron. We recommend a polo shirt or blouse vs. a tee shirt. Dockers are definitely preferable to blue jeans. Remember, you want to look professional, but depending on the event, you don't want to be overdressed (for example, a 3 piece suit at the local YMCA might be overkill). Use your best judgment.

DO have some type of information sheet for customers to fill out. The less information a customer needs to fill out the better. Your company probably already has something in print. Having these cards on a clipboard can be helpful.

DON'T stand in your booth holding your clipboard. People will run the other direction…you look like those survey people at the mall!

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