Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Service the SOCKS off your customers!

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We have said this before and we will say it of the biggest things that WE can give our customers is the best service possible. RETAIL stores are getting poorer and poorer in this area.
Robin shares a story recently of customer service that went above and beyond the call of duty.

Her mom is in a wheelchair due to some medical issues. Getting out shopping can be quite the ordeal for her. One of Robin's friends (also a TSF subscriber) is a consultant with a party plan company that specializes in kitchen supplies. Robin tells us,

“I called her about two months ago and asked her for suggestions for my mom with some kitchen items as she was having trouble with her arthritis cutting items as well as opening some things. She called my mother that very same day and packed up items and went over to her that very afternoon to do a personal appointment with my mom who is pretty much house bound. I was very impressed at her quick response. I knew my mom said she had ordered a few things and Diane was nice enough to deliver them. Well today I got home and there was a message from Diane saying that my mom had a few items that she had not ordered that she thought would really help her out and if I wanted ideas for Christmas she would be happy to order them for me. What great service! I deal with tons of people in party plan business and am amazed at how few people go the extra mile for service.

Of course, I will be calling her tomorrow and ordering these items for my mom!”

Did you know that one unhappy customer tells at least nine others about their experience? Conversely, in the party plan business, a happy customer is our best asset, as she will, likely refer us to friends and family.

What are YOU doing today to service the socks off your customers?

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