Thursday, November 15, 2007

Developing the Leader within you…

In Chapter Seven of his book by the same title, John Maxwell discusses how to develop your most appreciable asset - people.

One of the points he makes is that most people do not know how to be successful. That they think that success is luck. (Ever feel that way when you watch other people walk across the stage and wish it was YOU?)

However, he is quick to point out that success happens where preparation and opportunity meet. That it is a process - a growth and development. Success is achieving one thing and using that as a stepping stone to achieve something else…it is a journey.

Success is learning from failure. Failure is the opportunity to begin again - more intelligently. Failure only truly becomes failure when you do not learn from it.

Once again, he reinforces the importance of a leader expecting nothing more of his people than of himself. He states: “Once the leader has proven to be successful and shown an interest in helping others achieve success through the company, that leader will have loyal followers who are willing to develop and grow.”

To read more about developing as a leader and helping others to do the same - we highly recommend, “Developing the Leader Within You” by John Maxwell. Why not pick up some extra copies for the next leaders in your organization as a holiday gift?

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