Monday, November 19, 2007

Oh what a weekend!

This weekend I had the extreme makeover type pleasure to attend a wedding. Not just any wedding mind you, the CMT - My Red Neck wedding that was shot live here in little ole WA. The bride and groom rode into the ceremony with all the bridal attendants on ATVs and the bride wore a camoflauge wedding dress while the Groom was decked out in CarHarts which is apparently some outdoor hunting brand.

The cake had 2 Hunters on top and the main feast was a roasted pig (yes the whole pig). I'm still not quite over the personalized Beer (root beer as well) for the guests but it was quite the show. The bride also had quite a surprise, I'd say she was about 7 months prego making it quite the shot gun wedding!

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After recovering from all of that this short week started off with a party request on my website so that was exciting. Hoping you're all as busy and doing well before the holiday. Make December your most profitable month ever!


UB SoCal said...

I am laughing so hard! What a picture you painted of the wedding! Wow! That sounds like entertainment!

UB SoCal said...
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