Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stack the Hostess

We were flooded with requests for an explanation on this popular booking tool, so here is a repeat of this fun game to play at your parties to help spur on bookings. Print it out and share with your new recruits!

Stack the hostess can be played at any point in your party that you wish. We have found that it is very effective at about the halfway point.

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Simply have your current (or a potential future) hostess begin to choose an assortment of products that she is interested in. Have another guest man the calculator and add up what she chooses until the hostess has sitting on her lap, the hostess rewards for an average to better than average party (based on your company's plan). Don't forget to include any half-price or hostess only specials in the mix. This is a great visual to help guests really see the benefits of hosting one of your company's parties.

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