Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh the joy of nesting...

Well here we are not even November 30th and I have all my Cmas cards ready to go out this weekend and 25 presents wrapped under the tree. The house is fully decorated except the lights outside and the snow globe for outside which I'll try to get up this weekend as well.

I've also caught my first cold of the season and that's miserable without my many over the counter drugs I could take if I wasn't pregnant LOL.

This weekend proves to be a crazy party weekend and I'm looking forward to these parties and really getting some great sales for Christmas! Taking Avis advice at my Holiday Showcase on Sunday and will look forward to hearing about all your parties as I know quite a few have already happened!

Don't forget to send your updates! I love to use snippets of them on the blog to share out with everyone!

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