Sunday, November 4, 2007

Very Fun Birthday Party Saturday

So my big bday party of 15 girls was yesterday and I really enjoyed myself and had a great party total. 15 lotions in various scents went out wiith cutesy party bags and my business card!

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I had them do the counting but I went ahead and inserted the oils into the bottle and then had them do the mixing stick and shaking. I also do all the writing/taping on the bottles. It went pretty quickly and as usual I learned a few things.

#1. Make sure they understand how much time you have dedicated to the process. I usually take just 1.5 hours tops but this was a larger group so we split it up a bit. Only problem is that they wanted to do cake and presents in between the break and that added on an extra hour of time I wasn't planning on. Note to self - make sure you set timing expectations and make that a priority!

#2. One good thing is that even though only 7 girls showed up she had committed to 15 so the rest of the lotions were made by Grandma's, Aunts, and littler girls with their Moms! Even a brother made a lotion so it worked out fabulous and I got the total sales that way with no issue. I also brought a couple of extra just in case there were last minute sales.

The party was a hit and everyone including the adults thought it was such a "marvelous" idea. I'm actually getting really fond of the bday parties because they are a sure thing and I know exactly what to expect and how to prepare product wise. The kids are usually better listeners than the adults and they also come up with some fabulous concoctions. A strawberry/honeysuckle/passionfruit scent was a favorite of mine today.

The Mom of the birthday girl will also be planning her own adult party in the next month or 2 so I actually booked a party from a party even today! Excellent profits and more places to go = a really good UB You day!

For more information on birthday parties see the teamburst site.

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