Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The 3 C's…

Shawna's Note: I really enjoyed this today as I've been up to my eyeballs with hubby in figuring out how the HECK we're going to pay for going over budget on our flip house and how to continue to pay if it doesn't sell right away. We have a plan and we're working towards a gorgeous house that will be competitive but our big $s have changed to medium sized $s and that can get frustrating and depressing. You have to step back and look at the worse case scenario. If we only made $25k on this house (and believe me this is a TON of work after our regular jobs hours) instead of $50 or $70k we honestly couldn't do that anywhere else in 3 months at a part time job (eventually with UB but again it's a growing business not an overnight get rich scheme). So we have to take everything into consideration and realize that every experience is a learning experience and we get closer and closer to our goals when we learn what TO do and what NOT to do.

Once again - Phil Humbert is a gemstone of wit and wisdom - couldn't resist sharing this week:

The 3-C's of Superior Achievement

One of the essential habits for achieving superior results is the "constant and never-ending" search for methods, systems, and tools to get the most from life.

Many people think that if they could find "the answer" their lives would miraculously improve. They act as if life has a mysterious secret "system" and if they found it, everything would work out. I don't think it works quite that way.

My sense is that there are dozens, perhaps thousands of wonderful quotes, tools, techniques and systems around us, and the more "tools" we have in our "toolbox," the more likely we'll have the right tool at the right time to get the results we need. I used to think that if I could just read the right book, or attend the "best" seminar, I'd "get it" and life would be good. I finally realized that I need to read as much as I can and talk to all the experts I can find, because they all have tools that I'll need sooner or later.

In that spirit, I want to share one of my most powerful "systems" for success. For a few of you, it may be the one essential missing piece. For most, however, it will be another tool, another step in the process of moving from where you are to where you want to be in life.

I've observed that the most successful people I coach use "The 3-C's" to climb the ladder of success and achieve their most important goals.

1. Unusual Clarity. My friend, Michael Angier, does a presentation entitled, "Clarity is Power," because knowing exactly what we want is absolutely critical to getting it. Most people are vague about their goals and aspirations. They want "more," but hesitate to identify exactly what they want "more" of! Tony Robbins tells a story about someone who came up to him and said he wanted "more money." Tony says, "So I gave him a dollar and told him to go away!" What do you want? When? How much of it? How will you measure it?

High achievers are extremely clear about where they are going and how they'll get there. Define your dreams. Write them down. Describe your goals to a friend (or your coach) and ask them to challenge you about specifics. Get clear.

2. Unusual Commitment. Even when people get clear, too often they hang back, hesitate, or keep "something in reserve." High achievers don't do that! They go "all in." They go "all the way." Winners commit.

I love the story of the ancient Greek General who, after landing his troops on an enemy shore, made them watch as he burned their ships. For them, there was no going back, no alternative but to succeed or die. High achievers bet their very lives on the outcome, with no looking back. There's a famous line from World War II, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" Winners are smart and sometimes even cautious about choosing a well-designed strategy, but once they have a plan, they go full speed ahead.

3. Unusual Courage. Let's face it, life is a risky business. Things happen. We may be embarrassed. We may lose. We may end up looking foolish, or worse. And the more we stretch for success, the more we risk, so success requires courage. There will always be doubters and critics. There will always be competitors, and occasionally people will disappoint us. Accidents happen, and sometimes we miscalculate or fall short.

Courage in the face of life's uncertainties is a requirement for unusual success. The ability to face the unknown, to act despite our fears, is the mark of a high achiever. There is no alternative.

If you desire a higher level of success, clarify exactly what you want, commit to achieving it, and act with courage.

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