Thursday, September 13, 2007

Focus on You - Your Energy Makeover

Great Advice from Working Mother Magazine!!

Dragging under the drain and strain of all that you do? Life-revving advice that'll have you jumping (and running and skipping) for joy.

How would you like to have twice the physical and mental energy you have now? Or triple? Or maybe you'd settle for not collapsing into an exhausted heap every night, worried about the Filofax full of must-do's you didn't get done.

If you're like most working moms, you've developed habits that are depleting your energy and stressing you out. We know you started the day wanting to exercise and eat better. But then it rained, there was that looming project deadline, and you couldn't find your gym pass (that's right—blame the lost gym pass).

Here's the latest: You can shake those tiring tendencies and put the spring back in your step with a few easy changes. We've culled the latest research on stress management and healthy living and consulted top experts in women's health, nutrition, exercise and psychology. Read on to find out the most common energy-sapping mistakes working mothers make and the renewal strategies that will put the oomph—and passion—back in your life. Your complete energy makeover starts here.

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