Monday, September 24, 2007

Chances are, your customers won't call YOU!

We had a great Hive Talkin call last night and I emailed all of you the call play back information so hopefully you'll utilize that to learn about our new UB Crafty approach with parties!

Here is a partial list of vendors who ran specials last month that I honestly intended to purchase from but did not because I never got around to it:

Harry and David


Coldwater Creek

Home and Hearth

Lillian Vernon

Office Depot

Two different friends in other direct sales organizations

Home Shopping Network

These specials came in the form of catalog mailings, fliers, emails and (in the case of HSN) television.

If someone from these companies had picked up the phone and called me, I PROMISE, there were definitely products I would have ordered.

Who says follow up phone calls aren't important?

Also I have another book recommendation that you've got to check out. You can buy it direct from The Success Factory for just $14.95 if you go here.

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Tami said...

great recommendation!